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Gensler Intranet Search
My Role
Redesign the search results for an architecture company. Worked on a team of two designers responsible for both interaction and visual design. I delivered both functional and visual spec documents to the development team, along with created reusable interaction patterns.
Problems to solve
After a heuristic evaluation & interviews with internal stakeholders and employees using the current system, we determined that a poor search was causing employees to not trust the data in the system. New filters would be required to make the system more useful. Design patterns were inconsistent across internal applications, leading to confusion.
The new design needed to be mobile-friendly.

We approached the project with the goal of creating a handful of consistent responsive design patterns for search to use across the entire Intranet, that would be mobile-friendly. After an initial audit of the site, we completed sketches and iterated on them until they worked as promised. We then collaborated with developers to implement the designs to spec.
Detailed Designs: Tablet (Responsive)
Detailed Designs: Mobile Web (Responsive)

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