I am Your Shopping Companion
Interaction DesignUI/UXProduct Design
Mobile Next
I am the Pulse of the City
Graphic DesignInteraction DesignUI/UX
Poppy Seed iOS Mobile App
I am a Compass for Information
Interaction DesignUI/UXWeb Design
Gensler Intranet Search
I am the Unseen Guide
Interaction DesignUI/UXProduct Design
In-store Digital Beacon Experience
I am the Gift that Keeps Giving
Customer Journey Map
I am the Golden Trophy for Architecture
Interaction DesignUI/UX
GDEA Awards Submission Form
I am a Fair Marketplace
Graphic DesignInteraction DesignWeb Design
WorldofGood.com Marketplace & Email Design
I am the Epic Ski Story Retold
Interaction DesignUI/UXWeb Design
Patagonia Common Threads + eBay
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